The body never lies… but sometimes it needs a translator. If there is one thing in this world you can trust, it is your body. But can your body trust you? Are you giving your physical self what it needs to survive and thrive? If you aren’t, your body will tell you something is wrong. This is called a symptom.

At Daratherapy, my mission is to decipher your symptoms and provide you with lasting relief from pain and stress.

Massage therapy is one of the most effective and under-utilized treatments for pain management. Unlike pharmaceuticals that are so often used to treat pain, with massage therapy there are no side effects. 

There is no substitute for touch. Hands-on therapy addresses both the physical and emotional responses to a challenging world. Nurturing touch is healing in its own right, and educated hands are “listening” hands. Through thousands of hours of education and experience, I have learned to identify both health and dysfunction under my fingers.

Structure governs chemistry. Often medicine is focused on treating or simply masking the symptom, rather than finding the root of the imbalance. Lasting relief from injury does not come from anti-inflammatory drugs, or even from surgery. Lasting relief can only occur if the faulty mechanics causing the problem are identified and addressed. After a thorough structural assessment to determine the most important culprits, manual techniques are applied to lengthen shortened tissue, relax hypertonic muscles, release old scars, and correct postural patterns that are causing injury and pain. All of these are performed with gentle, careful, respectful touch in a serene, spa-like, ecologically responsible environment.

Chemistry governs structure. You are what you eat, drink, and breathe. Changing from a painful personal environment into a healthy one often involves giving your body ingredients it is missing such as minerals or hydration. Through Daratherapy, I will guide you toward simple changes that can make significant, lasting increases in your overall well being.

Healing requires time. Daratherapy involves listening to and witnessing each patient to facilitate the structural changes that will allow the patient’s body chemistry to normalize.