About Dara

Dara Lazar has been practicing medical massage in New York City since 2005. She worked at the osteopathic medical pain institute Physician’s Health and Wellness from 2009-2019 and prior to that, the Medical Massage Group from 2006-2009.   Dara is privileged to nurture perhaps the most complex known structure in the universe --  the human body.

Dara received a BA in Anthropology from Bard College in 2001. Curiosity about the relationship between pain and anxiety led her to study massage at the Finger Lakes School, from which she graduated in 2005. She began her medical massage training shortly thereafter with Janine Strenta of the Swedish Institute.

Dara has continued to advance her knowledge of pain-alleviating techniques through ongoing study, most extensively in neuromuscular therapy and myofascial release. She received her training in neuromuscular therapy with Jeff Mahadeen of the Muscular Wellness Institute, and she continues to deepen her fundamental understanding of neuromuscular therapy by studying the later work of Paul St. John at NeuroSomatic Educators™.

Since 2010, Dara’s work has become gentler and more effective as she has incorporated the myofascial techniques of Carrie Taylor and John Barnes. These techniques are derived directly from osteopathic medicine.

Her commitment to continuing education and her background in research make her bodywork exceptionally detailed and effective. Her ongoing engagements with Iyengar yoga, Check™ exercise, acupuncture, and whole foods nutrition inform the structural, neurological, and holistic (whole person) nature of her work.

Dara has also studied ligament pumping with Dr. Guy Voyer, Structural Integration™ with Bonnie Crellin, and Trager™ with Roger Toole, and she has attended numerous smaller workshops.

All of this education plus her personal experiences have helped to shape Dara’s personal philosophy for her practice.