There is no substitute for touch. Hands-on therapy addresses both the physical and emotional responses to a challenging world. Nurturing touch is healing in its own right, and educated hands are “listening” hands. Through thousands of hours of education and experience, I have learned to identify both health and dysfunction under my fingers.

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About Us

Dara Lazar has been practicing medical massage in New York City since 2005. She uses her work as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) to nurture her ongoing fascination with one of the most complex structures on earth: the human body. Her ongoing engagements with Iyengar yoga, Check™ exercise, acupuncture, and whole foods nutrition inform the structural, neurological, and holistic (whole person) nature of her work.

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    Our Advantages

    Personalized Treatment
    Your unique postural chart will guide every aspect of treatment.
    Elegant Clinic
    Theraspace offers luxurious yet understated respite, with views of Union Square amidst a sense of privacy and calm.
    Licensed Therapist
    Dara is licensed in the State of New York.
    Practitioners Network
    A network of highly qualified specialists is available to address every aspect of your pain.
    Dara has 15 years of experience in medical massage.
    Therapy Goals
    A full, customized treatment plan will be presented to you at the close of your initial appointment.
    My mission is to decipher your symptoms
    and provide you with lasting relief from pain and stress.

    Client Testimonials

    Insurance Reimbursement
    Out-of-network insurance reimbursement is available for medical massage! We are pleased to provide you with all the necessary paperwork to bill your insurance company. Reimbursement is generally commensurate with a physical therapy visit. We are happy to coach you through this process.